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08 Sep 2017
Kurnell boss completes dare for good cause

The boss of a Kurnell business is raising thousands of dollars for the Children's Cancer Institute – after putting his hand up to take part in Dare the Boss.

Modular Walls chief executive Nick Holden had his head shaved, was dunked in an ice bath and completed a fire walk today.

The challenges were part of a campaign called Dare the Boss, which started today and will run throughout September. The campaign raises funds for the Children's Cancer Institute and also coincides with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Mr Holden has already raised over $4500 for the institute.

Dare the Boss ambassador, and actress, Tania Zaetta said it was a great cause to get behind.

“The Children's Cancer Institute’s sole purpose is to find a cure for childhood cancer.

“Last year, Dare the Boss raised $250,000, but this year we’re setting our sights a little higher with a fundraising target of $400,000.”

Bosses from organisations of any size are invited to register and take on a dare anytime throughout September. Some popular dares include sky diving, shark tank diving, conquering fears and holding snakes or spiders, but can also be as simple as waxing or head-shaving dares.

To register or donate click here.

Article originally featured in the LEADER Sept 1, 2017 Article here

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